How blockchain could change the adtech in 2018

How blockchain could change the adtech in 2018

The themes of cryptocurrency and blockchain-based technology have recently become very popular. The tendency of decentralization that derives from encrypted ledger is currently under active discussion. This trend can influence all spheres of the economy.

Specialists foresee that 2018 will become a year for blockchain. This tech is developed to revolutionize many industries. Let’s see how it can influence digital advertising.

Better targeting

Blockchain is the technology that adds more transparency to business relationships between the participants of the digital ad marketplace. It allows to cope without intermediaries. That is an absolutely new format. Blockchain tech helps to make ad buying and selling easier, build trust with customers. At the same time, such media giants as Google and Facebook will hardly cease to be indispensable.

The new approach to Privacy

Blockchain functions as a decentralized encrypted system that is well-protected and reliable. That’s why it provides more opportunities for users and advertisers. People won’t be afraid of revealing their personal data. That is a great advantage for merchants. They can motivate users to provide necessary information for some rewards. Moreover, consumers will be able to choose what kind of ads they watch.

Digital marketing world without mediators

Decentralization as a cornerstone of blockchain implies the absence of various Mediation Services. More trust, more transparency, more certainty. Credibility will become easier to achieve in the relationships between advertisers and customers. That reflects the needs of the times. There are more and more blockchain-based startups that successfully implement decentralization into business.

Elimination of ad fraud

New encrypted system based on cryptocurrency ensures the proper purchasing and delivery of advertisements. This process becomes clear and honest. That’s a significant step towards prohibition of ad scammers’ activity and fraudulent schemes in digital marketing.

Transformation of Content Delivery

Blockchain-based technologies help to change the way video and other types of content are delivered and controlled. Content producers can manage and deliver their assets easily and more effectively.

Influencers: fewer but with better quality

Influencer marketing is another sphere that will be changed with blockchain implementation. Influencers and bloggers are very popular among business owners and brands that want to present themselves and gain the new audience. Blockchain technologies provide advertisers with an opportunity to filter the genuine public (influencer followers vs bot traffic). In reality, it may reduce the number of influencers but the quality of such cooperation will improve.

More responsibility on the part of publishers

Transparency of transactions makes publishers more responsible. Advertisers can control the flow of their traffic. Blockchain tech allows both players to manage the ad buying and selling more efficiently. That also leads to better conversions, increasing the ad quality, and decreasing fraud.

So, blockchain is a great prospect for online advertising and other industries. Its power is not limited to cryptocurrency. Digital marketing is highly susceptible to different kinds of modernization. New decentralized tech, however, demands further investigation. There are still a lot of issues marketers need to solve when implementing this novelty.

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